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Jun 23

Usability Challenge 2008

von Sonja Comments Off

Maybe some of you have already heard something about the usability challenge. “On 1 August 2008, we are asking anyone with a passion for usability to solve a usability problem…any usability problem at all…and help make the world a better/safer/less annoying place.” ———————- Doesn’t sound that “wonderful” ? ———————– What you have to do: 1) [...]

Jun 11

Adding to what is already out there, this pattern library is the result of a Master project at FH Potsdam. I think it’s well done!

Jun 11

Apple WWDC 2008: iphone 3G (video-summary)

von Erhard Wimmer Comments Off

I found this video-summary on youtube about the amazing next steps of the iphone 3G. To watch the complete keynote please visit Apple’s website. I just watched this summary but not yet the complete keynote. So there’ll be some more stuff on this entry I think ;)

Jun 10


von Erhard Wimmer 3 Kommentare

On april 29th an 30th I had the opportunity to take part on a workshop called “From User Stories to User Interface Design“ held by catalysts, (Christoph Steindl and Christian Federspiel). These guys are rather not User Interface Designers but more Software Engineers and Project Managers who got a lot of experience in software development [...]

Jun 05

trotz fußball-em gibts einen nächsten interaction design stammtisch. vielleicht gibts ja beiträge zu interaction design/usability im kontext fußball :) dienstag, 10.6.2008 um 19:00 uhr im werkzeugH, 1050 wien, schönbrunnerstrasse 61, statt. [öffis: u4 pilgramgasse, 14a, 13a, 12a, 59a] “bring 2 folien” hat bei den letzten stammtischen super funktioniert und darum: jeder der möchte bringt 1-2 [...]