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Jul 28

is a spontaneous, unobtrusive usability testing software for designers and developers. Free trial at

Jul 28

Video Prototyping

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In a project from 1992 (!) called “STARFIRE A Vision of Future Computing“ the well know Interaction Designer Bruce Tognazzi “… launched a project at Sun Microsystems in an effort to both predict and guide the future of computing… …The output of this effort was threefold: Starfire, the Movie, showing a day in the [...]

Jul 12

Auf ReadWriteWeb gibt’s einen interessanten Artikel zum Thema Contextual User Interfaces: Strikingly, the recent wave of UI innovation is proving exactly the opposite. Users are not stupid, and in fact, they were overwhelmed with choices presented in traditional UIs. The new interfaces are winning people over because they are based on usage patterns instead of [...]

Jul 08

I got that interesting picture in my netvibes a few minutes ago:

Jul 04

USECON in vienna are searching usability specialists…. i got it pushed via email from monster. maybe anybody is interested: -> Link

Jul 04

PicLens 1.7

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Das Browser-Add-on PicLens 1.7 kann jetzt gut mit Videos umgehen.

Jul 03

weil spanien fußball-eMeister ist gibt’s wieder einen interaction design stammtisch dienstag, 8.7.2008 um 19:00 uhr im werkzeugH, 1050 wien, schönbrunnerstr 61 [öffis: u4 pilgramgasse, 14a, 13a, 12a, 59a] “bring’ 2 folien” hat bei den letzten stammtischen super funktioniert und darum: jede, die möchte, bringt 1-2 slides über das, was sie gerade im bereich interaction design, [...]

Jul 02

Infographics on Flickr

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One of the best collections I’ve seen on flickr about infographics is the following: “…Portfolio of some of my favorite works from my tenure as Lead Infographics Journalist at The San Diego Union-Tribune (1994-2006)…”, seems that this guy is a quite interesting source :) and some more …