Monatsarchiv für April 2009

Apr 24

Austrian Android Developers Day

von Erhard Wimmer Comments Off

Am 7. Mai 2009 startet um 16 Uhr im T-Center Wien der erste Austrian Android Developers Day (kurz A2D2). Eva Mader von der Agentur Ambuzzador hat gerade angefragt, ob wir Leute kennen, die bereits Erfahrung mit der Entwicklung von User Interfaces auf Android haben und die dort stattfindenen adhoc Tech Sessions bei diesem Thema unterstützen [...]

Apr 16

During our last Stammtisch I came up with an example of a transition I sketched for one of the projects I’m involved in right now (it’s a web application). The transition consists of a list of items that folds up slowly when a certain link on the page is clicked. You can see a demo [...]

Apr 10

website of the day

von tom haberfellner 1 Kommentar

i obviously overestimated the importance and impact of a company’s website. as an example: endpoint technologies associates by ‘wisdom pearl dispenser’ roger l. kay, imho created circa 1991 [although:'s first copy is of 2006, which makes the current '© 2007 all rights reserved' less timeworn]. this website surprises with some undervalued technical delicacies: images [...]

Apr 09

52. interaction design stammtisch

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dienstag, 14.4.2009 um 19:00 uhr im werkzeugH, 1050 wien, schönbrunnerstr 61 [öffis: u4 pilgramgasse, 14a, 13a, 12a, 59a] von 19:00 bis 20:00 weitere planung des “world usability day 2009 vienna”, der am 12.11.2009 stattfinden wird danach stammtisch wie üblich – ideas worth spreading dh jede/r ist eingeladen bücher, videos und/oder 2 folien über sachen, die sie gerade im [...]

Apr 07

Design Under Constraint

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The latest print issue of WIRED contains a quite amazing article by Scott Dadich (Creative Director at Wired) about Design under Constraint. (Some abstract?) Quelle: “… In fact, the worst thing a designer can hear is an offhand “Just do whatever you want.” That’s because designers understand the power of limits. Constraint offers an [...]

Apr 07

Black Berry Storm

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One of the nice things working in a bigger company is that it is easier to get the opportunity to test new gadgets or technology. So happened with the new Blackberry Storm, yet another “iPhone killer”. The GUI design reminds strongly on a combination of iPhone and Windows Vista, all in all looks quiet ok [...]