Sep 01

Google Chrome is Google’s browser project. This comic book tells you about it:

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  1. Sonja

    yeah, i read about it too…. and today they will release it. i’m very excited how the interface will look like or which new “amazing” things they include. their comic-documentary sounds promising. google chrome includes also process management and virtual machines.
    let’s wait a few hours…

  2. Erhard Wimmer

    Alternative link to the comic:

    Possible download link (not available yet)

    I’m excited … :)

  3. Erhard Wimmer

    Developers talking about Google Chrome:

    Imagine what this means to all the webdesigners, webdevelopers – one more browser, oh no ;)
    (just take a look at our comments… using google chrome)

  4. Sonja

    google chrome – NOT available for mac… at the moment … grrrrr